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Order from the Duni Group: Rhenus boosts container handling at its c-Port Sedelsberg

The Rhenus Group is launching continuous container business operations at its c-Port Sedelsberg thanks to a new order from a customer. The logistics specialist operates the port on the Lower Saxon coastal canal and will handle as many as 200 containers per month for the Swedish Duni Group – initially by truck, but later predominantly by inland waterway vessel and therefore in an increasingly sustainable manner.

Rhenus Midgard Ems mainly handles agricultural products, turf, building materials and project goods such as parts for wind turbines at the c-Port Sedelsberg inland waterway container facility. The logistics specialist has been processing the first continuous container business at the site since February 2022 in conjunction with Duni, a producer of table decorations, serviettes and take-away packaging. Rhenus is now handling containers, which arrive in Germany from China and Taiwan, on behalf of the Duni Group. This includes loading and unloading them as well as providing storage.

In the light of the long queues at the major seaports of Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven and Hamburg, these ports are scarcely able to handle the volumes accruing in various Duni Group projects, which are also growing. The number of containers passing through the port is currently between 150 and 200 per month. The aim has been to handle containers on this scale at Sedelsberg since the container port was opened in 2007. However, it was not possible to initiate any such projects in the past because of the facility’s geographical proximity to the major seaports. That has all changed now: Rhenus can offer the Duni Group the ideal solution and meets the requirements without any problems. At the same time, the container port is further developing into a suitable hub for container handling.

The major emphasis is on providing sustainable logistics operations. The goods being imported by the Duni Group arrive at the seaports in containers from Asia and are transported from there to Sedelsberg for further processing. Rhenus will gradually switch the transport operations by truck to more climate-friendly inland waterway services. The plans envisage having two or three vessels from the Rhenus fleet departing every week. “Our goal was to transport as many containers as possible on board vessels from the outset. Thanks to the volumes needing to be transported for the Duni Group, we’ve reached a critical mass, where it makes sense to use an inland waterway vessel, so that the carbon footprint improves dramatically compared to road transportation,” says Arne Woldenga, the Branch Manager for Rhenus Midgard Ems. “By relying on inland waterway vessels, we can meet the high ecological standards that we and our customer are setting for logistics operations.” The Duni Group and Rhenus are planning to intensify and expand their working relationship in future following the successful start to this project.

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