You can see a truck  leaving a warehouse from above.You can see a truck  leaving a warehouse from above.

Groupage transport solutions for you

Groupage cargo includes smaller shipment volumes that are collected by small trucks or vans. After arriving at a logistics hub, Rhenus consolidates several shipments in bigger trucks before transporting them to destinations in scheduled departures and arranges last-mile delivery to the point of use.

Why Rhenus is your partner for groupage

Why Rhenus is your partner for groupage

We deliver groupage transports using our European logistics network. With Rhenus locations across many countries as well as local partners, we provide door-to-door deliveries with optimum transit times.

 Sharing a truck with other customers also means sharing the costs – that is why groupage transport often is the most cost-efficient option for smaller shipments.

Reliable cargo deliveries with our core groupage services

For your groupage cargo, we offer three core services: Rhenus Premium, Rhenus Classic and Rhenus Fix. These logistics services include efficient road transportation concepts with Europe-wide coverage for groupage shipments based on direct and regular departures with reliable lead times.

Our core groupage products

Rhenus Classic

Our standard cost-effective solution without compromise, using our efficient European network. Rhenus Classic features:


  • Reliable, efficient transportation and delivery
  • Scheduled services with maximum flexibility to suit your transportation needs
  • Daily collections with regular departures

Rhenus Fix

Our delivery services with a scheduled date and defined time. You can choose between these delivery options for your shipments:


  • Fix Date: Delivery with scheduled delivery date
  • Fix Time: Delivery with scheduled delivery date and time
  • Time Window: Scheduled delivery within a two-hour window

Rhenus Premium

Our transport service for time-sensitive shipments with priority lead times. You can choose between the following freight delivery options:


  • Premium: Coverage of the transit time and binding delivery of the shipment

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