Rhenus in Italy

Rhenus Logistics in Italy is the result of the acquisition of multiple leaders in the transports and logistics industry in the Italian market, now incorporated and part of the Rhenus Global Network.


Rhenus Italy: Facts and Figures

The strength of Rhenus in Italy is to be part of the Rhenus Group, an international group with headquarters in Germany that has over 100 years of experience and expertise. Our team is made of professional employees located throughout Italy.
Our expertise comes from a mix of old and new visions.
We work every day to create our personal vision of logistics and drive the future of supply chain solutions.

Facts about the region

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Italy location

Italy occupies a strategically significant geographical position connecting North Africa and Far East with Europe.

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Road Transport

With our national and international network, we can provide a range of road services with a variety of solutions for your specific requirements.

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Air & Ocean

We provide a range of end-to-end solutions for any type of goods to be shipped by ocean and air with global coverage, meeting any possible requirement in terms of volume, weight and delivery times.

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Home Delivery

Our Home Delivery services are designed to ensure the perfect way to connect company products with company customers. We call them our special B2B2C services.

Rhenus locations in Italy