Rhenus Uzbekistan

Rhenus has been present in Central Asia for decades and has an experienced team in our office in Tashkent. We are your strong logistics partner for all shipments to and from Uzbekistan.


Rhenus in Uzbekistan

Rhenus Uzbekistan is an established regional freight forwarding company, combining a carrier-operating mentality with an innovative approach and a strong commitment to quality, sustainability and safety.

We provide a very distinctive regional focus and offer a full range of services, including container shipments, deliveries by rail and shipments of oversized cargo. 

Facts about Uzbekistan

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Great Silk Road

The territory of modern-day Uzbekistan was one of the major trading centres along the Silk Road, uniting the East and the West.

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Unique Location

Uzbekistan is by far the most populous country in Central Asia. It shares borders with all the other countries in Central Asia, as well as with Afghanistan.

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Uzbekistan has an abundance of natural resources, including gas, coal and oil. It also has significant amounts of copper, gold, silver and lead.

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As a landlocked country, Uzbekistan relies heavily on rail transport. The local railway network is relatively dense compared with the other countries in the region.

Our Core Services

Rhenus has been present in Central Asia for decades and is specialized in organizing transport by road, rail, air and sea.

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