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Are you a service-oriented manufacturer of gym equipment and would like to support your customers in the event of damage in the best possible way and as soon as possible? You can focus on your core business by entrusting us with the maintenance and repair of your equipment.

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Benefit from our technical network

Benefit from our technical network

Worn belts, defective ball bearings or broken pedals – even when properly used and of good material quality, cardio and strength equipment is susceptible to wear and needs repair. However, nothing is more annoying for a gym and the home athlete than defective fitness equipment. In addition, there is the risk of sports accidents. We provide for straightforward remedy. By repairing the damage quickly, which we do on your behalf, you increase your customers’ satisfaction.


More freedom for manufacturers

Fitness equipment is used for many hours every day and should therefore be serviced at regular intervals. Whether in the gym or at home: if damage occurs, you can score points with your customers with good service and prompt repair. Sven Markus, Managing Director of Rhenus Sports Tech, points out the components we have to support manufacturers of gym equipment to optimise their customer experience.


We carry out maintenance and servicing of gym equipment for the manufacturers to increase the longevity and safety of your fitness products. If damage still occurs, we are at your side as a technical service partner and will repair defective gym equipment in studios, rehabilitation facilities and in your customers’ homes.

Quote: Michael Follmann

“With our extensive networks in Germany, Great Britain and many other European countries, we are your reliable partner with short response times of just a few days.”

Michael Follmann
Michael Follmann Vertical Owner Sport and Fitness at Rhenus Sports Tech

Avoid unnecessary travel

Technicians for gym equipment often have to travel tens of thousands of kilometres every year to provide prompt service even for remote households located far apart from each other. We can avoid this with efficient processes and an extensive network and thus also make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.

The advantage for you? We have a large number of technically skilled employees and are well networked in all regions. For your customers, this means that in the event of damage, our distances to the destination are short, we can minimise waiting times and increase customer satisfaction.

Our maintenance and repair of gym equipment includes the following components:

If equipment needs to be serviced or your service centre has received a damage report and the required spare part has arrived at the recipient, we will arrange an appointment on site with your customer by phone.

If you do not operate your own spare parts depot, we can offer you multi-user space in our Rhenus logistics hubs in the Sports Tech field. This pays off particularly for growing and large gym operators. We stock the spare parts for your equipment in our warehouses and manage the supply of the required products to your customers.

Depending on the agreed maintenance frequency – once a year, for example – we visit your customers, check the condition of the equipment and, if necessary, carry out maintenance work for your entire equipment or individual equipment groups. The aim is to promote the longevity of your products and ensure trouble-free use.

Gym equipment can be subject to damage despite regular maintenance. Our technicians will then be quickly on site. We will carry out the necessary repairs with the right tools that our trained employees have on hand. Depending on the size of the equipment, this is done by one or two persons. Do you prefer a particularly fast premium service for your customers? No problem. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

After maintenance and repair, we will carry out a functional check of the gym equipment. If everything is alright, we will document the condition of the sports equipment and send you the results.

The trend towards smart gym equipment incorporating digital technology continues to grow. However, electronic systems are prone to faults. In addition to replacing displays or individual components by our technicians on site, we also offer you testing and realisation of reconditioning, for example of screens.

If a fitness device has reached the end of its life cycle and repair is no longer possible, we will replace it at your customers’ premises. We ensure that the equipment being returned is packaged safely for transport and that it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

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The advantages for you of a partnership

Technical expertise

  • Our technicians have the equipment-specific expertise to professionally inspect and repair your gym equipment.
  • We focus on quality. This is why our employees successfully complete equipment training before their first assignment, if required – for example, directly at your premises or in our modern training academy in the training academy in Niederaula, Germany. The initial training is supplemented by regular further training.
  • It goes without saying that our technicians come to the appointment with the customer with the tools required for maintenance and repairs.

Modular services

  • We offer maintenance and repair of gym equipment as a service module that can be booked independently of other logistics services, such as transport and installation, in our central customer service centre.
  • Taking into account your wishes, we offer a high degree of flexibility – including the option to agree on individual KPIs.
  • You can book additional modules from our portfolio at any time as needed, such as equipping a gym chain with new equipment.

Extensive network

  • Manufacturers and smaller service providers are often only able to reach selected regions in a cost-effective manner and are limited in terms of their capacity. We offer you reliable nationwide coverage – at fair prices.
  • We minimise your coordination effort: instead of coordinating several regional service providers, we have a central point of contact to assist you.
  • You no longer have to send your employees across the country to reach your customers. Instead, our optimised processes give you the option of using your staff to develop new products while reducing the waiting time for your customers.


Our Rhenus experts for sports tech will be glad to help you.

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