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Rhenus Office Systems opens new site in Wrocław (Lower Silesia)

As part of its growth strategy, Rhenus Office Systems is opening a new site in Lower Silesia, further expanding its nationwide network of locations in Poland. In the future, confidential documents and data will be destroyed at the new location.

(From left to right) Krzystof Choma (Managing Director Rhenus Office Systems Poland), Jens Kumbrink (Managing Director Rhenus Office Systems), Grzegorz Hajduk (Managing Director Rhenus Office Systems Poland) at the opening ceremony in Wrocław.

From now on, the company aims to be closer to customers in the region, closing the gap between the branches in Chorzów, Poznań, and Warszawa, which will also positively impact the logistical and operational efficiency of activities in Poland as a whole. Wrocław is the fourth location in Poland where proper and safe destruction of files and hard drives is carried out and and extends over a total area of 700 square metres.

Overall, Rhenus Office Systems has 70 branches across Europe. Jens Kumbrink, Managing Director of Rhenus Office Systems, was present at the grand opening ceremony: “In selecting the location, our aim was finding a site that meets all our criteria – adequate options for transportation, proximity to metropolitan areas and potential for further growth. We chose Bielany Wrocławskie, where we found ideal conditions for our company. This location offers excellent road and highway access and the proximity to the city center is an added bonus.”

The processing of files and hard drives is carried out in accordance with the highest security standards, DIN 66399 and ISO 21964. Subsequently, the material is recycled and reintroduced into the cycle of materials.


Rhenus Office Systems GmbH offers document, information, and individual process management services: from mail reception, digitization, archiving, data destruction, and staff placement to customer management, cloud, and BPO solutions. Rhenus Office Systems comprehensively manages customers' physical and digital information and supports them in implementing their own digital strategy. Rhenus Office Systems is part of the Rhenus Group, one of the leading global logistics service providers, with an annual revenue of 7.5 billion Euros. 40,000 employees are working across 1,320 locations in more than 70 countries, developing innovative solutions along the entire supply chain.


The Rhenus Group is one of the leading logistics specialists with global business operations and annual turnover amounting to EUR 8.6 billion. 39,000 employees work at 1,120 business sites and develop innovative solutions along the complete supply chain. Whether providing transport, warehousing, customs clearance or value-added services, the family-owned business pools its operations in various business units where the needs of customers are the major focus at all times.