Rhenus South Korea

Rhenus South Korea offers logistical solutions for your various needs within different industries.


Rhenus in South Korea: Facts and Figures

The Republic of Korea has one of the world’s strongest and most productive economies in the world. The country still shows a growing potential based on its modern and technologically advanced infrastructure, talented manpower and an efficient economic culture. Due to its political stability and its strategic geographical location, Rhenus South Korea is eager to become one of the most important and reliable branches within the Rhenus Group.

Facts about Rhenus in South Korea

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We are backed by local expertise and a strong international network.

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Rhenus South Korea offers a wide range of logistics services and benefits.

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We are capable of handling complex supply chains in the chemical, electronic and automotive sectors.

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Our presences in Busan, Incheon and Seoul allow catering to both local and multinational customers.

Rhenus locations in South Korea