We deliver solar energy plants and heat pumps

More and more consumers are focusing on renewable energies and want to equip their homes with a solar roof and heat with green thermal energy. We take care of storage and transport of photovoltaic systems and heat pumps to the point of use.

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Positive delivery experience matters

Positive delivery experience matters

Are you looking for a professional logistics service provider at your side who can transport more than 1,000 heat pumps per month to the customer for you and provide your installation teams with consumables? Or would you rather prefer your installation teams being able to concentrate fully on their core activities and not having to carry heavy equipment or dispose of packaging? Our Rhenus specialists in the high-tech sector have the technical qualification, extensive expertise and modern equipment to supply your customers with photovoltaic systems and heat pumps for regenerative heating. Adherence to deadlines, quality and damage minimisation are our top priorities.

On time at the construction site

In addition to deliveries to homeowners, we also take care of delivery of solar and heating systems to construction sites. Access roads to construction projects are usually uneven and unpaved, especially in development areas. We have the necessary equipment, so that your goods arrive in a undamaged condition.

Whether new construction or refurbishment: We have many years of experience in supporting construction projects. Commitment to timeliness and adherence to deadlines are crucial for smooth interaction of the trades. At the same time it is essential to respond flexibly when it comes to delays. Convince yourself of our competence in the timely delivery of solar systems and heat pumps to your construction site. Should delays occur in the course of the project, we can temporarily store your equipment in our logistics centres.

Our logistics services around solar energy plants and heat pumps

We operate a large number of multi-user warehouses in Germany and many other European countries. We store your stock of photovoltaic modules and heat pumps in our logistics centres until delivery – regardless of the quantities. The advantage for your customers: When an order is received, the goods are immediately available and can be picked and delivered quickly. In this way, we achieve attractive delivery times for your recipients.

Many forwarders only deliver to the kerbside and leave the goods unguarded on the pavement. This means a lot of extra work and lifting of heavy goods for the customer. Therefore, we hand over all systems and their components to the recipient or his/her household and transport the respective component to the desired place of use or to a safe storage location. For example, our delivery teams bring inverters to the attic, place the heat pump on the terrace or put the solar modules in the garage – depending on the recipient’s wishes.

PV modules are properly packed for transport so that they arrive without damage. Our delivery teams unpack them and return the packaging material for environmentally friendly disposal.

We want to ensure that heat pumps and solar plants reach your customers on time and undamaged. Therefore, we not only deliver, but also check and photograph the condition of your equipment. We will send you a photographic documentation once the equipment has been placed at its point of use.

The installation of larger solar energy plants requires lots of consumables such as cable ducts or screws. In our general cargo network of the Rhenus Group, we deliver the consumables required for the installation to one of our regional depots. Your assembly teams can collect these from our logistics centres, if needed. This means that your employees only have to cover short distances and can travel ecologically and economically in smaller transport vehicles. Moreover, we avoid delays at the construction site when the consumables are running out and would otherwise have to be ordered and dispatched first.

Our return service is particularly convenient for your customers as we also take care of safe packaging and return of goods and rental equipment. In this way, consumers do not have to bring heavy solar modules or heat pumps to a shop or pack them themselves. Our service minimises the damage rate of your equipment.

Demand for solar energy plants and heat pumps is constantly rising

The demand for solar power systems in Germany has been growing at a double-digit percentage rate for six years in a row. According to industry experts, this trend will continue in 2023. With the abandonment of oil and gas heating, a transition to alternative heating systems such as heat pumps is inevitable and will offer the industry enormous growth potential.

Private homeowners are among the most important drivers of the energy transition. Having us as logistics experts at your side, we ensure that your solar modules and heat pumps arrive quickly and flexibly at the recipient and can be installed on the roof or in the outdoor area of your customers’ homes.


Photovoltaics in Germany

CO2 reduction due to photovoltaics:
million tonnes
Share of solar energy in the electricity mix:
Installed solar energy systems:

Advantages of working with us

Dense network provides for high reactivity

  • Thanks to a nationwide distribution network and flexible storage capacities, we can safely store PV modules and components as well as heat pumps temporarily and pick them promptly upon call-off order for the specific customer, and deliver them just in time. We deliver comfortably to the point of use – not just to the kerbside. In addition, we supply companies with consumables at our regional depots.

Protected on-time delivery reduces damage rate

  • We deliver high-quality technical devices such as solar panels and heat pumps in specially designed vehicles in 2-man handling with qualified transport specialists. Our special fleet includes hydraulic lifting platforms and a padded loading space so that the sensitive goods are protected in the best possible way. We deliver the complete solar energy system with all components on the desired date and, if required, just in time.

Convenient returns handling for recipients

  • We make the collection of photovoltaic modules and heat pumps easy for your customers and offer them a high degree of convenience. We pick up returned and rented equipment at the desired time and also take care of safe packaging for transport. This reduces the damage rate and allows for bundled return of components such as solar modules and inverters.

How can we support you?

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