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Call Centres are a thing of the past

A successful logistics assignment requires operational management and direct communication between the customer and the provider of logistics services.

“With us, we talk about ‘The Rhenus way’, says Bent Thomasen, Managing Director of Rhenus Logistics Norway. At Rhenus, customers deal with one person, and through this single point of contact, reach the whole world. “We believe that call centres represent yesterday's customer service as they are often experienced as a frustrating “blockage” in the contact between customers and suppliers.”

One year in Norway

“We are humble towards our competitors. After a year's investment in Norway, we are still a small ‘player’ in the Norwegian logistics market. At the same time, we have access to one of the world's largest logistics networks. That means we can tailor assignments worldwide. Our strength is that we know the Norwegian market, our customers, their needs and markets, and we are confident in our employees and their competence,” says Thomasen.

Trust based approach

Rhenus refers to the logistics industry as "a people's business". Precisely knowing pain points and talking directly to customers and understanding the needs is crucial for success. This way of thinking and working requires a trust-based approach to the employees.

“It is important to ask yourself the question of how you, as a manager, can facilitate so that my employees can perform their jobs in the best way. Do the employees have the tools they need to do a good enough job? As managers, we must make the employees good in everyday work. Our task is to enable the success of the employees and with it the customers. If the employees succeed, then we at Rhenus succeed in reaching our goals,” concludes Bent Thomasen.