Our additional services for your road transport

On top of organising the transportation, storage, and handling of your road freight, Rhenus Cambodia can provide you with value-added services to cater to your specific needs along your supply chain.


Overview of our additional services

Customs services

You can see a customs clearance.

Local Expertise for Worldwide Export and Import

Whether your consignment is travelling inside a single market or internationally, we are here to advise you on each country’s rules.

Thanks to the global Rhenus network and our strong relations with local authorities and public institutions, we ensure your consignment is handled smoothly.

Local Expertise For Worldwide Export And Import

Local expertise for worldwide export and import

We support the transportation of your consignment in a local market or internationally by advising you on various country’s rules.

Leverage our global network and strong relations with local authorities and public institutions to ensure your consignment complies with customs regulations and smooth transition.

Our trained specialists organise and prepare the necessary formalities and arrangements early with accuracy. They have the knowledge and tools to ensure you meet these statutory obligations. We are aware of local customs requirements in the countries of origin and destination to provide smooth, complete customs clearance.


Our services include the following elements:

  • Customs clearance for import or export goods

  • Carnet ATA

  • Triangular operations

  • Inward processing

  • Customs clearance for goods in transit

  • Carnet TIR

  • Fiscal representation
  • Tax support
  • Intrastat
  • Temporary storage warehouse
  • Authorised customs warehouse for export cargo
  • Public bonded warehouse
  • Support for complete authorisation process AEO
  • Consulting in transactions exempt
(Authorised Economic Operator)

Rhenus has a special status as an Authorised Economic Operator. With AEO certification, we are considered very cautious and reliable and can provide unique benefits for our customers in customs clearance such as:

  • Easier admittance to customs simplifications 
  • Fewer physical and document-based controls
  • Recognition as a secure and safe business partner

Dangerous goods

Safety and security come first

We have our own Dangerous Goods Officers at our operations sites to train our employees. The training includes ways to handle dangerous items, monitor the transport operation, and ensure compliance with the national and international Dangerous goods directives. 

The Safety and Quality Assessment System assess the quality, safety, and environmental compatibility of logistics specialists. Specifically, for both transporting hazardous items and establishing specific quality standards for storing and transporting chemicals.

Our services include the following:

  • Dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Excepted quantities (EQ)
  • Limited quantities (LQ)
  • Temperature-controlled transport


Our services include the following:  

Temperature-controlled transport

We protect your temperature-sensitive goods

We specialise in the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods such as chemicals, pharmaceutical goods, paint and lacquer, adhesives, and foils.

Rhenus Cambodia uses thermal vehicles for line haul, which offers numerous benefits:

  • Thermal swap bodies with air conditioning
  • Cooling and heating via diesel motor or electricity
  • Technological recording and monitoring to ensure the maintenance of constant temperatures
You can see the delivery of goods within a cold chain.

Apart from our knowledge and technology, temperature-controlled shipments are possible through our tight-knit network and daily pick-ups.

Within national networks on the mainland, we can provide delivery in 24 hours. For these deliveries, we use passive temperature control and thermal covers in various sizes. We also conduct door-to-door deliveries for B2B transports.

Rhenus Cambodia ensures documentation of transports using barcode scanning at each interface. This documentation enables you to track and trace your shipment via our web-based solution.

The safe and secure delivery of your goods and your freight are value by us. Hence, we offer security using sealed trailers, GPS positioning and automatic location notification via mobile communications (GSM). For further information, our hotline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Transport insurance

We act on your behalf

Law regulates the liability of freight forwarders and limited for international goods.  Hence, the compensation amount given is usually significantly lower than the actual value of the goods. Other exemptions from liability often apply as well.

We, therefore, recommend additional insurance protection to prevent any costs from being incurred in cases of damage or loss.

We can offer you various cost-effective solutions and establish contact with our insurance partner on your behalf:

  • “All risks” insurance
  • Tailored transport insurance policies
  • Taking out insurance for each consignment or on a long-term basis
You can see a highway from above.

Transport Related Warehousing

You can see a truck in a rural setting.

Express shipments

Shipping time-sensitive goods

Our express services offer you individual solutions for any shipping needs. Regardless of its weight or size, we deliver your consignment on time to your requested destination.

With a global presence, international network, and qualified employees, we ensure rapid and safe deliveries. We offer national and international logistics solutions at the highest level include always organising and monitoring your consignment.

Based on your needs, we create solutions for your express delivery within a short period. Our transport solution for:

  • Courier services
  • Direct deliveries
  • Special individual solutions
  • For part loads
  • For full loads


You can see a Rhenus Truck in a tunnel.

Digital services

Rhenus Online tools with 24/7 availability

Use this state-of-the-art online tool to get access to your shipment information at any time.

  • Provides transparency along the transport chain for all transport modes
  • Detailed information on truck, shipment and package levels
  • Document download from internal and external electronic archives
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Responsive design for PCs and mobile devices

Track & Trace

Use our intuitive tool for online booking: Rhenus WebOrder

  • Book your shipment anytime
  • Create your own contact list
  • System check with automated address examination
  • Practical templates for frequent shipments
  • Print your transport labels, cargo lists and shipping instructions
  • POD and document look-up including external archives
  • Tracking updates via email
  • Responsive layout for mobile devices
  • Security: Data encryption and an absolute data neutrality due to multiple firewalls


Please note: Some services may not be available in all regions.