Project logistics engineering and consulting

Transport engineering incorporates pre-planning as well as on-site support to ensure perfect project execution – even if circumstances suddenly change. With proper pre-planning and execution, we can avoid risks and reduce costs for your transport.

The right expert for any situation

The right expert for any situation

We believe in the complexity and diversity of our industry. It is our approach to use the best individuals for your requirements. We do not just send any transport engineer to your project. Making the right decision when issues occur takes an expert for the situation and the commodity. From hydraulic trailer operation experts to heavy-lift port captains, we can cover all aspects of project cargo. In addition to decades of transport engineering experience, we are familiar with the commercial challenges.

Our options for engineering and consulting services

Ensuring safe and feasible transports

Feasibility study
We offer evaluations on whether specific cargo can be transported and of possible transport methods as well as of the maximum cargo dimensions and weights carried along a specific route.
The study informs the shipper about the expected risks and challenges for transport of either abnormal weights or dimensions or to remote areas.
Typically performed at an early stage, the results can also influence the final cargo design or transportation method.

Transport consulting
Rhenus Mexico supports you during the construction process – evaluating lifting and lashing possibilities for cargo at early stages. We also evaluate the minimum requirements for vessels, cranes or trailers and develop alternative transport concepts.

Method statements
We compile and verify method statements for all kinds of operations.
A method statement is a structured document illustrating the complete transportation (or parts of it) in a step-by-step manual. It contains, for instance, lifting arrangements, cargo securing, risk assessments and other documents. It is also referred to as the “operations manual”.

Quality management
Today, quality management is one of the core processes of the project logistics industry. Knowledge of the risks anticipated and the development of procedures and methods to keep these risks at the lowest level possible are important for creating a transport which is safe and efficient.

Perfect planning for ship and cargo

Stowage plans
We create preliminary and/or final stowage plans for your transport. Stowage plans give an overview of the cargo on board a vessel as well as the planned stowage position. They also illustrate different views and decks of the vessel together with cargo information and crane outreaches.

Lifting arrangements
Lifting arrangements are illustrations of a planned lift. They show the planned procedure with detailed information, e.g. the best possible outreach and planned lifting gear as well as the number of cranes and individual loads on hook. They also evaluate the off-centre COG (centre of gravity) and lifting height.

Lashing arrangements
An illustration and calculation of the required cargo securing for the specific voyage and / or cargo.
This contains information such as acting forces, planed lashing / securing of materials, methods and rules and regulations.

Crane and trailer simulations
These are step-by-step illustrations of, for instance, the loading operation or turning of a trailer with out-of-gauge (OOG) cargo.

Mooring arrangements
Mooring arrangements and mooring analyses are studies of the approach and mooring operation, e.g. for RoRo (roll-on / roll-off) operations or special jetties to illustrate the planned rope arrangement and position of the barge or vessel at the quay or during ship-to-ship operations.

Including live reporting

Port captain
The port captain or super cargo / supervisor is a consultant to the master / chief officer. Being an expert for the cargo and briefed for the expected loading, they will support the vessel’s crew during loading / discharging and cargo securing with their expertise.

Site operator
The site operator is present on site and assists in loading, discharging operations and in the cargo management during the project.
Besides being in charge of the transport engineering, they will also take on a role in transport coordination as well as storage and offloading according to the customer’s project schedule.

Trailer operator
The trailer operator drives or operates self-propelled trailers or steers the axle-lines and hydraulics on multi-axle trailers. They are present during complicated transports or special job site requirements and are in charge of loading / offloading the trailers with hydraulics.

Route survey
The route survey aims to find or develop a route for a concept transportation or prior execution of the actual transportation, taking bridges, overhead wires and other obstacles into consideration. It also includes turning radii en route and afterwards, following the transport along the way to supervise and document the transport.

Loading / Discharging survey
These involve attending vessels or job sites to verify the operation is performed in the best possible manner. Our experts not only document the operation but also get involved so that we can provide for a smooth and quick operation with the risks reduced to a minimum.

Preloading survey
This survey evaluates the condition or packaging of the cargo prior to loading, e.g. to gain information on stackability / broken stowage before loading or to prepare a condition report if required by any party involved.

Damage survey
The damage survey analyses the full range of project cargo damaged after an incident has occurred.
Full documentation and expertise are provided in the final report.

Live reporting for ease of mind

With projects becoming more and more complex, information about the current status of the transportation and handling is important for all parties. We have developed a reporting tool which makes it possible for you to participate during the load-out via the notes and pictures taken by our experts.

Our live reporting service is available for all attendances, from port captain, site attendance and route attendance to route survey, preloading or damage survey.


Communicate and collaborate with Rhenus

With our modern tools, you can be part of the team:

  • Transparency for all participants
  • Develop ideas together or just read up on the latest progress
  • Direct online live information about project status
  • See who is working on which task
  • Chat with, call or send an e-mail to us or the freelancers
  • Follow the complete project communication history
  • All files in the project
  • Project website showing all relevant information at one glace
  • Easy access via your browser or your mobile device

Transport under your brand name

All services and documents we produce can be issued with your logo and in your corporate design.

  • Exclusive partner or white label: Sell our services as your services
  • As an exclusive partner, we work with our logo and design, your logo is presented as secondary logo
  • As a special service, you can use our service with your own CD / CI
  • Total transparency
  • Trust and neutrality

Any questions?

Your personal contact will assist you with all information regarding transport engineering and surveying and can assist you with your inquiry.

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