Ocean Freight: Connecting the world

Rhenus Mexico provides a wide range of services to ship cargo to every corner of the world on a daily basis. To optimize and steady supply chains, we ensure fixed departures and reliable transit times. With our longstanding expertise, we offer you the best solutions based on your requirements.

You can see a drawing of a containership in a port


Our dedicated team of ocean freight experts provides first-hand knowledge of everything from the current local rates to the complexities of international origin and port locations. We handle all kinds of shipments, both large and small, and always operate with the highest level of precision and accuracy.  One point of contact will manage your transaction door-to-door, including all customs formalities and value-added services, with the support of our vast global network! Our customers appreciate the detailed communication we provide for them during each step of the transportation process. 


LCL Solutions Reduce Import Freight Charges
LCL Solutions Reduce Import Freight Charges

LCL Solutions Reduce Import Freight Charges

Even though JOST faced geopolitical intricacies as well as challenges due to COVID-19, Rhenus was able to solve problems and offer flexible logistics solutions which led to a cost reduction of their import freight charges by ten percent.

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