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Intermodal transport: Finding the best route

Rhenus Logistics Mexico provides the optimal combination and balance of freight rate and transit time. Our intermodal transport solutions combine road, air and ocean freight services to find the best in a diverse range of routing options.

Going intermodal

Going intermodal

Intermodal transport combines more than one mode of transportation to move cargo. Rhenus Mexico provides the best intermodal shipping solutions in various routing options throughout the Americas and worldwide. Intermodal shipping is the fastest, cost-efficient, and sustainable choice. Our team of experts in Mexico will help you customize an intermodal solution that meets your requirements for preferred transport mode, cargo specifics, customs clearance, transport equipment, and last mile delivery.


We offer absolute flexibility in cargo solutions, including transport modes and entry points, while ensuring the best rates and solutions for each route. To achieve this, we focus on our customer approach by providing consistent and compliant performance, irrespective of changes within your strategy or business environment. Intermodal is leading the industry with its sustainable benefits of reduced fuel costs and carbon footprint. Rhenus Logistics provides complete shipment visibility, including track & trace, status notifications, and reporting.


  • Door-to-door transport
  • Multiple-carrier concept for better lead times and greater capacities
  • One point of contact for your entire supply chain
  • A carrier-operating mentality, i.e. an entrepreneurial approach to building services and products
  • Sustainable mode of transportation: Reduced CO2 emissions and cost-efficient transportation 

High-Quality Intermodal Shipping

  • Safe and secure modes of transport
  • Wide geographical coverage
  • Diverse range of routing options and transport modes
  • An extensive global service network

Customer Approach

  • Creating a connected dialogue with all stakeholders involved
  • Aligning our services with your needs and requirements
  • Matching our performance to your expectations
  • Responding to changes in a smart and constructive manner

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