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Rhenus bietet eine Cloud-basierte Plattform, mit der Logistikdienstleister und Spediteure intelligente Transport- bzw. Logistiknetzwerke betreiben und steuern können – global und multimodal. Klar, dass es hierfür nicht nur eine IT-Meisterleistung braucht.

The challenges and requirements are diverse; many partners in different countries are involved in the management of global supply chains. How can employees get secure access to all the applications they need for their daily work? Just one of many questions. The biggest wish in this wide-ranging project: a platform that bundles logistics information from variable sources and makes it available centrally.

Our solution: a Global Logistics Portal for the diverse stakeholders - our operational units, their external customers, shippers and forwarders. The concrete objectives:

  •     A role-based mapping of the entire logistics process for all modalities.
  •     End-to-end supply chain visibility
  •     Single sign on with access to all applications and functions
  •     a uniform UX design for easy use of all functions


The right plan, the right crew

We develop and operate our global web applications in logistics and supply chain management with an interdisciplinary team of UX designers, developers, test managers and product owners. Planning and implementation are agile, all stakeholder requirements are clarified in detail. Also on the agenda: the design sprint including building and testing a prototype and optimising it based on user feedback. Afterwards, the development team gets involved again in terms of assessment, technical-functional cut and architecture fit.


One wheel meshes with the other

When it comes to innovative solutions like these, departmental borders play no role for us. We act collaboratively and interdisciplinarily, including precise coordination with neighbouring development teams and our DevOps. The basis for our solutions is, of course, the intensive exchange with our clients, stakeholders as well as with the specialists from transnational project offices.


From challenge to success

We already mentioned it: the number of factors that have to be taken into account in such a project is enormous. It's all about a positive, seamless user experience, consistently high software quality, close coordination with the client with agile implementation - and of course making sure that all stakeholders are on board for the full distance. Experience shows that our prototype-based approach pays off; structured and timely feedback leads to success. Our customers identify with the product, the users feel that their wishes and requirements are understood and met. And our development team also benefits, because this way we can better understand what is needed right from the start. The effect: we don't have to readjust as often and can thus significantly reduce the overall implementation effort. In concrete terms, we recently developed a customer service portal based on microservices - and thus laid the foundation for many other requirements as well as for reuse in similar applications.


With these skills you are on board

As you can see, we still have a lot to do. Therefore, we would like to invite you to further strengthen our IT teams. We are looking for team players who like to think outside the box. Your experience should include knowledge of single page web applications, microservice architectures, REST-based APIs and container technologies. You have already implemented projects in Typescript, Vue.js with Springboot or Micronaut? All the better! If you would like to ring in the technological future together with us, we are already looking forward to your ideas.