Rhenus anywhere – Our digital workplace

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More global, more mobile, more flexible: with the digital transformation, our working world is changing massively. We don’t just want to keep pace, we want to lead the way. That’s why we are working on innovative solutions for digital, location-independent work options – away from the office desk and towards future working freedom.

The idea(s) and our goal

AnyPlace | Start the PC in the office in the morning by default? Rigid working norms like this are being replaced by flexible, mobile concepts at Rhenus. In many cases, our employees can already work on the road, at the customer's or mobile from home. With Rhenus Anywhere, they use a digital platform that makes information, tools and services available centrally and regardless of location.

AnyTime | Nine-to-Five and then we shut down? We're saying goodbye to that too, because at Rhenus it no longer matters what time of day we give logistics a new direction. Our digital workplace solutions allow direct access to all important data and applications around the clock.

AnyDevice | Whether laptop, tablet or smartphone, whether Android or iOS - Rhenus Anywhere also stands for maximum flexibility when it comes to work tools. "Do I need another terminal device for this?" The past! With our Digital Workplace, we untie this knot and create a mobile tool landscape in which applications and data can be used or accessed regardless of the device.

Successful start, further on the way

The specialists in our Corporate IT were the pioneers in this forward-looking project. Following their launch, we have already connected 12,000 employees worldwide to Rhenus Anywhere since 2019 - and also benefited from it in the Corona Pandemic. Because with the digital workplace, the Rhenus Group remains capable of acting even in such times of crisis and is thus a big step ahead of many companies.

They are the Champions

How did we bring the Rhenus Anywhere project into the company? This is where our champions came into play - they act as ambassadors, contacts and multipliers for the digital workplace. With proactive communication, our champions pick up users and support them in getting started with Rhenus Anywhere. Information, mediation, exchange - this is how all requests and requirements are turned into direct learning successes.

Of course, it's also about demonstrating the diverse possibilities of Rhenus Anywhere in detail, for example around our modern collaboration solutions. Every location, every department and every team has its own structures and processes - which is exactly why it was so important for us to install a consistent support and consulting function with the champions. Together we have achieved that all users find their way around Rhenus Anywhere and Office 365 in the best possible way.

"Together with Passion"

True to our Rhenus motto, we already have our sights firmly set on the next goals, gladly together with you.