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Rahul Bharadwaj | Air & Ocean India
Located in India

Committed. Compassionate. Collaborative.

As a chemical engineer by qualification who joined Rhenus as a management trainee and got many opportunities to work under our passionate management team to explore various avenues in the logistics world, I absolutely enjoy the new opportunities and challenges I come across while performing my job. Being a process-driven person, it gives me immense joy to get up every day and look forward to what’s in the store for me today.

Setting up a Control Tower team which caters to complex business requirements, and ensuring that it is managed centrally, is a demanding task which focuses on customer requirements; however, with great expertise on board and assistance from the leaders, I am able to produce the desired results.

Having completed my master’s in Engineering, I have a thirst to explore new technologies and read about them. I keep wanting to ‘know more’, which is why I spend most of my free time with surfing, new technologies and gadgets.