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location_cityOffice Systems
Rhenus Data Office GmbH
Südtangente 40, Leipzig
personAlina Schneider

Darauf können Sie sich freuen

  • Professional clothing: Whether in the warehouse, at the port or in the truck: we provide the necessary safety clothing for your daily work.
  • Family cohesion: We learn from each other and grow with each other - together and on eye level.
  • Flat hierarchies: Despite our company's size, we have maintained flat hierarchies, including quick decision-making.
  • Quick decision processes: Thanks to our flat hierarchies, decision-making processes are short.
  • Payment on time: For us, this is a matter of course - with us, your monthly salary for your performance will land in your account on time.
  • Great Team: No question: The best team awaits you with us.

Das erwartet Sie bei uns

  • Eine abwechslungsreiche Tätigkeit mit viel Kundenkontakt in einem wachstumsstarken Umfeld
  • Be- und Entladung Ihres Fahrzeuges in Eigenregie mit anschließender Fahrt zu unseren Kunden
  • Abholung unserer, mit sensiblen Daten gefüllten, Sicherheitsbehälter und Transport zu unseren Niederlassungen
  • Repräsentation unseres Unternehmens bei unseren Kunden

Das bringen Sie mit

  • Führerschein der Klasse C/CE, eine Fahrerkarte sowie eines einwandfreien Führungszeugnis
  • Idealerweise bereits absolvierte Module der Berufskraftfahrerqualifizierung
  • Einschlägige Berufserfahrungen sind von Vorteil - Quereinsteiger sind ebenso willkommen
  • Kommunikationsfähigkeit und gute Umgangsformen

Unabhängig von den Texten und Bildern auf dieser Webseite betonen wir, dass bei der Rhenus Gruppe alle Menschen gleichermaßen willkommen sind.

Business Unit 

Office Systems

Is there a logistics for careers? There is with us! As a globally operating logistics service provider with 33,000 employees in over 50 countries, we manage complex supply chains and offer our customers innovative value-added services. In doing so, Rhenus Automotive implements the entire value-added process of automobile manufacturing sustainably and passionately. That includes e.g. supplying vehicle production or taking over complex assembly activities.

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Rhenus Logistics

Rhenus Group

Opportunities in Logistics. Have you worked out the logistics of your career yet? At Rhenus, you will! Being an international logistics provider with 39,000 employees in over 60 countries, we manage complex supply chains and offer our clients innovative value-added services. However, we don‘t stop there.

We also provide our employees with the tools they need to pursue the career of their choice - whenever and wherever they need them. 

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A look behind the scenes - Rhenus Group

Our colleagues report on the diverse job opportunities at Rhenus Group.

A look behind the scenes – Foreman Port Logistics

"I applied for a job as a dock worker and was hired as a foreman."

In his job story, our colleague Christian talks about his day-to-day work at the Port of Hamburg and the opportunity that Rhenus has given him.

A look behind the scenes - professional driver

"At Rhenus I can be a human being and have a voice."

In his job story, our colleague Marcel talks about the opportunities that Rhenus offers him as a professional driver.

A look behind the scenes - operations manager ware

"I grew up with Rhenus.“

Michael works as an operations manager at the Dortmund logistics centre. In his job story, he explains what this means in everyday working life.

A look behind the scenes – Project Manager

„You can work out the opportunities yourself. No obstacles are put in your way. You are encouraged.”

Florian works as a project manager at Rhenus Automotive. In his job story, he provides insights into his everyday work.

A look behind the scenes – Dispatcher

„What's fun about my work is this connection between countries and cultures.”

Fouad is the dispatcher and responsible for the North African area. In his job story he gives an insight into his daily work.

A look behind the scenes – Operations Manager Port

"I joined Rhenus and was able to learn a lot more.”

In her job story, Anja explains why Rhenus was the best employer to start her career after finishing her studies.

A look behind the scenes – Managing Director

„There is no logistics without IT.”

Carolin is Managing Director at Rhenus Freight Network and explains in her job story why Rhenus is an exciting employer for IT employees.

A look behind the scenes - professional driver

"I got the chance to join Rhenus as a newcomer.“

Andreas works as a professional driver for Rhenus Data Office. In his jobstory, e explains why he enjoys this job

A look behind the scenes – Branch Manager

„Rhenus gives me freedom and responsibility to realize my own ideas.”

Our colleague Jonas joined Rhenus as a management trainee and has meanwhile become branch manager. In his job story, he reports on the opportunities he is given at Rhenus.