Truly coherent: Our commercial apprenticeships

Attention organisational talents: your strength in planning and coordination is exactly what we are looking for. Are you interested in economic contexts and the world of logistics? Are you happy to help others, whether customer or colleague? Perfect! Then you will soon be pulling all the strings from your office and PC. Depending on the focus of your apprenticeship, you can steer goods from A to B, strengthen our office management or immerse yourself in the world of industrial figures. You’ll gain the necessary know-how in the classroom, and you’ll get hands-on experience when you work live in our specialist departments. Always available: fair feedback, real support and top exam preparation from your supervisor.

From freight forwarding to office management: An overview of our most popular apprenticeships

General conditions:

  • The duration of the apprenticeship is three years, it is optionally possible to shorten it.
  • The goal is a certified IHK qualification.
  • Your week is divided into one or two days at vocational school and working in the company – the exact rhythm depends on the location where you start your apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship content:

  • Precise planning, organising, coordinating: With your help, our office processes run like clockwork.
  • In several specialist departments, we will teach you what is needed on the administrative side to shape the logistics of the future.
  • Among other things, you will get to know the work of your commercial colleagues in marketing, human resources, customer service and purchasing.
  • We will show you how to arrange appointments, prepare and follow up meetings, help organise events and manage business trips – your most important tools: PC, telephone and your brain.
  • Detailed presentations are also on your apprenticeship agenda; you will become a real communication professional with us, both internally and externally.


  • General secondary school leaving certificate or technical college entrance qualification
  • Adept at mathematics / working with numbers
  • Good spelling and grammar
  • Skilled in working on a PC – MS Office & Co.
  • Articulate, well organised, responsible
  • Friendly and confident manner both internally and externally

Significance and advantages:

  • You are the administrative back-up for our operational units, contribute to crucial projects and ensure that events are a success.
  • Your word carries weight, after all you are the first and most important contact person for many areas – your working hours are clearly regulated, job and free time in best balance.

General conditions:

  • The regular apprenticeship period is three years, but it is optionally possible to shorten it.
  • The goal is a certified IHK qualification.
  • Your week is divided into one or two days at vocational school and working in the company – the exact rhythm depends on the location where you start your apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship content:

  • With this apprenticeship, you will dive deep into the world of forwarding, scheduling and logistics – in essence, it is all about the smooth receipt and dispatch of goods.
  • In concrete terms, this means that it is only thanks to you that all goods end up where they belong, from collection to delivery to the customer.
  • We’ll show you how to plan the corresponding tours, assign our drivers and keep an eye on the transports across countries.
  • Customer advice is also part of the job: With know-how and foresight, you clarify schedules, transport routes (aeroplane, ship, train, truck) or even customs regulations.
  • Last but not least, we will train you in dealing with all relevant figures: From price negotiations to costings and the preparation of offers.


  • General secondary school leaving certificate or technical college / university entrance qualification
  • Good grades in mathematics, German, English and geography
  • Communication skills and an open, friendly and confident manner
  • Organisational talent, good spatial sense

Significance and advantages:

  • There is a lot of responsibility involved in this apprenticeship: After all, you ensure that goods reach their destination day after day, even across entire oceans – quickly, safely, cost-effectively.
  • This always brings new challenges, but also a large portion of security – because logistics is growing faster than almost any other industry.

General conditions:

  • The apprenticeship has a duration of three years, with the option to shorten it.
  • The goal is a certified IHK qualification.
  • Your week is divided into one or two days at vocational school and working in the company – the exact rhythm depends on the location where you start your apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship content:

  • During your apprenticeship, you will join the teams of various commercial departments, where exciting tasks and projects await you.
  • You will get to know our business and office processes from A to Z and will be able to take on more responsibility step by step.
  • In our accounts department, we will familiarise you with the details of invoicing, and in controlling we will rely on your help with the annual financial statements.
  • Of course, marketing is also part of this, where your input is needed for presentations and high-reach campaigns.
  • Last but not least, you will support our human resources department in winning new talent for us – from entry-level contracts to performance references.


  • General secondary school leaving certificate or technical college entrance qualification
  • Well-versed in mathematics / dealing with numbers
  • Good spelling and grammar
  • Experienced in working on a PC – MS Office & Co.
  • Interest in commercial and business contexts
  • Analytical vision, pioneering spirit, high sense of responsibility

Significance and advantages:

  • With your commitment, you will ensure a smooth flow in business and in the office – as a communication interface, you will find the right solution for every question.
  • With a strong team behind you, you will always master new challenges. Regulated working hours ensure that family, friends and leisure time are not neglected.

In addition to the above-mentioned apprenticeships, there are other opportunities waiting for you at several of our locations – including these professions:

  • Real estate agent (f/m/d)
  • Media designer (f/m/d)
  • Shipping clerk (f/m/d)
  • Personnel services clerk (m/f/d)

Have you already discovered what best suits your interests and talents? Take a look at our job board, where you will find all the apprenticeships that are currently advertised.

The course and orientation of apprenticeship at the Rhenus Group can vary, as we offer apprenticeships in many different companies. In our job board you will find the job advertisements with binding information.

Here’s what happens next: Your opportunities after apprenticeship

Opportunities in office management

After you complete your training, many doors are open to you. For example, you can specialise in supporting our customers. Or you can get creative marketing campaigns off the ground. In the personnel and assistance area, your help is needed with offers, contracts and organisation. As the next step in your career, we also give you the chance to complete your specialist diploma or a part-time course of study – you can also prove yourself in the “Young Talent Programme” of some business units.

Opportunities for industrial clerks

Your entry options here are as diverse as our portfolio. One possible starting point is our human resources administration – here you will become the contact person for questions about salary and pension provision. You can also set the course for success in project management, for us and our customers. If your heart beats for controlling, our site managers look forward to strong analyses. For even more expertise, you can aim for your “Fachwirt” (business management specialist) or a part-time degree.

Opportunities in forwarding, scheduling, logistics

Many of those who complete their training start out in our scheduling department. With this connection, you will take care of truck transports and handle import traffic. Depending on the business field, you can also start in the clerical department, where you manage freight shipments – by air or sea, even internationally. Would you like to expand your expertise? You are welcome to follow up with a part-time course of study or your “Fachwirt” (business management specialist). Our “Young Talent Programme” is available for particularly successful graduates.

Well-received: Your advantages and benefits

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Suggestions? Keep them coming!

Contributing ideas

You are part of our team from day one, no ifs or buts. Your innovative ideas fall on fertile ground, thinking around corners is always in demand with us. And so is the desire for personal responsibility. That’s how we grow together, and beyond ourselves.

Employee discounts

Our customers trust in our performance, as do numerous cooperation partners. Because we are networked worldwide, you can benefit from a wide range of discounts with us – including those from (online) suppliers of fashion, furniture, jewellery and sporting goods.
Real team spirit

Great team

We are a friendly community, from trainees to management. That means openly saying what you think – honestly and constructively. Thanks to flat hierarchies, we meet on a level playing field – and always stick together. Hand in hand, with no elbowing.
For your well-being

Health and sport

Of course it gets stressful for us sometimes, let’s be honest. All the more reason for us to promote sport and exercise as active compensation. Inexpensive courses at the gym are part of this, as are health days and healthy menus in the canteen – completely individual depending on the location.
Learning and progress

Training and development

We don’t like stagnation, standard procedures or the same old routine. We prefer to gather fresh input – and impart it. Depending on your education, location and/or business unit, we expand your horizons with versatile workshops, trainings and e-learning offers.
The Rhenus Group

Our company

Learn more about our business units, values and visions for the future – for the logistics of tomorrow.

When will we see you?

Our event calendar

We look forward to meeting you. Here you will find all the dates for trade fairs and events.

Slash One word that best describes my tasks at Rhenus is “variety”. Whether it’s order management, marketing or human resources management – I can get a taste of super many different specialist areas and topics during my apprenticeship.
Jill Muno | Apprentice as a commercial clerk for office management | Rhenus SN digital