Opportunities for pupils:
Apprenticeships and dual study programmes

Whether as part of an apprenticeship or a dual study programme, we particularly value proactive involvement, and cohesion and a willingness to help are highly valued. We offer a wide range of opportunities in the exciting world of logistics. Our apprentices and students can expect a high degree of personal responsibility and intensive support. Even before you graduate, we are happy to give you the chance to complete an internship with us – so you can set the course for a successful start to your career at an early stage. Sound like strong prospects for the future, right from day one? Absolutely.



Drei junge Mitarbeiter arbeiten gemeinsam an einer lebensgroßen Weltkarte mit StecknadelnDrei junge Mitarbeiter arbeiten gemeinsam an einer lebensgroßen Weltkarte mit Stecknadeln

Experience logistics in a school internship

Are you still looking for the ideal starting point for your entry into professional life? No problem: We offer you an exciting orientation aid in the form of a school internship. Simply see for yourself what we get up to every day in our logistics world.

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After school directly on track

Logistics, business, IT – Apprenticeship at Rhenus

Logistics is not just about transport or warehousing – we have many more opportunities for you to get started: In our multilayered working world, you can choose from logistics, commercial or IT training professions. In any case, you’re on the right track with us.
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Because theory and practice dovetail perfectly

Dual study programmes in logistics/business/IT

After graduation, do you want to go straight into logistics – ideally with a mix of sound theory and instructive practice? That’s possible – with us. Our dual study programme gives you the chance to combine learning at university with practical training.
SlashPaul Kusnierz
Slash From the second year of my apprenticeship, I was able to apply my great interest in the area of finance in various departments and set my professional course.
Paul Kusnierz | Dual Student Business Administration Rhenus Assets & Services