Rhenus @ transport logistic 2023

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Day 1 at the Rhenus stand

Quote: André Remy

„Innovation in Logistics“ (EN)

Tuesday, 05/09 – 2 pm

André Remy
André Remy Rhenus Assets & Services

Quote: Andreas Nettsträter, Open Logistics Foundation

„The Future of Logistics is Open Source“ (EN)

Tuesday, 05/09 – 4 pm

Andreas Nettsträter, Open Logistics Foundation
Andreas Nettsträter, Open Logistics Foundation Dr. Stephan Peters, Rhenus Group

Quote: Isawan Kaeochotchuangkul

„From Concept to Reality: Driving Global Decarbonization with Rhenus Air & Ocean“ (EN)

Wednesday, 05/10 – 11 am

Isawan Kaeochotchuangkul
Isawan Kaeochotchuangkul Rhenus Air & Ocean

Quote: Alexander Saretzki

„RHE-X – One Face to the Carrier“ (EN)

Wednesday, 05/10 – 2 pm

Alexander Saretzki
Alexander Saretzki Freight Purchasing

Quote: Sascha Hähnke

„Klimaschutz im Straßengüterverkehr: Alternative Antriebe sind alternativlos“ (DE)

Wednesday, 05/10 – 4 pm

Sascha Hähnke
Sascha Hähnke Remondis

Quote: Heinrich Kerstgens

„New Silk Road - Necessary or Superfluous?“ (EN)

Thursday, 05/11 – 11 am

Heinrich Kerstgens
Heinrich Kerstgens Rhenus Assets & Services

Quote: Uwe Oppitz

„ENERGY HUB Port of Wilhelmshaven – Opportunities of a region in the context of hydrogen, CCUS…“ (EN)


Thursday, 05/11 – 2 pm

Uwe Oppitz
Uwe Oppitz Rhenus Ports

Quote: Thomas Kaulbach

„Inland Navigation: Gateway to sustainable mode of transportation?“


Thursday, 05/11 – 4 pm

Thomas Kaulbach
Thomas Kaulbach Rhenus Partnership

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