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Brazil is considered one of the most complex and dynamic countries in the world. In addition to many individual rules and procedures, Brazil has a comprehensive tax and customs system. This makes it challenging to convert all costs between the Brazilian real and other currencies. In most cases, importers and exporters have to struggle with a maze of documents to be able to trade.

With Rhenus, your import from Germany to São Paulo becomes easier thanks to our unique Transportation Management System, Fenix. It improves transparency across your supply chains by automating the documentation flow and the possibility of tracking air cargo 24/7.

This air freight consolidation service includes attractive rates and a reliable schedule. We partner with our core carriers to ensure space on more than three uplifts per week. Additionally, the service on this lane will be carbon neutral for free.

Fly green with RHENUS

Fly green with RHENUS

For more sustainable air freight, Rhenus offers a carbon neutral consolidation service from Frankfurt, Germany, to São Paulo, Brazil. Rhenus will offset the emissions for you at no cost. Obtain a shareable carbon neutral certificate and become our partner in promoting sustainability in the supply chain!



  • Free carbon neutral service: We will offset the emissions from all the flights between Frankfurt, Germany and São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Fast & Safe for every industry: Besides the general cargo, we can also arrange dangerous goods or temperature-controlled shipments upon request.
  • Value-added Services: To ensure that the air shipment process goes smoothly, we provide additional services such as x-ray screening, explosive detection dogs or our own BUP. We can organise other services upon request.
  • More than three uplifts per week: We partner with our core carriers and have block space agreements for secured space.

This is how we offset the emissions

Our Carbon Offset Project

As part of our ongoing efforts to drive sustainability, Rhenus offset 1,203 CO2e(t) WTW of carbon emissions generated from our operations on the Frankfurt to São Paulo lane from April 1st to December 31st, 2022. The calculation was conducted within the boundaries of the Well-to-Wheel system and verified by our partner, ClimatePartner.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just words, as demonstrated by our actions to offset the carbon emissions from our Frankfurt to São Paulo route. We believe that every small action taken by many can create a more positive impact, and we are committed to leading the change toward a more sustainable future.

Learn more about our carbon offset project: www.climatepartner.com/1138



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Our unique transportation management system

We understand the value of real time visibility and transparency across your Supply Chains. Fenix, our web-based portal, is a 24/7 collaboration tool designed to bring together the Supplier, the Customer, and the Freight Forwarder in one place. 

By seamlessly integrating with your current ERP system and driven by the Purchase Order, the progressive milestones and subsequent sequence of shipping events are combined into a seamless process. Triggered by the required-on-site date, the system uses colour logic to assign actionable tasks for the next in line responsible with built in escalation paths. 

The system also automates the documentation flow, and the accumulated data is turned into meaningful information using BI tools that produce KPI reports, trend analysis, forecasting, and itemised landed costing, creating opportunities for continuous improvement initiatives.


One can track an item level from production to delivery. Corelation between a customer, supplier, and Rhenus Logistics.

Air Freight goes digital with Fenix

Fenix helping with the complex currency exchange in Brazil

See right through us!

Converting to the Brazilian currency real is not always easy. Customs and taxes make it easy to lose track of costs. Fenix provides detailed insights at the highest level on costs of logistics and goods. With our TMS, you can optimize the use of your resources and ensure the competitiveness of your company in the market.

Fenix shipping process with a port on the background
Full traceability

Never lose track!

Where is my air cargo? This question is outdated with the integrated Track & Trace function of our TMS. With just a few clicks you can see the current location of your freight. In addition, Fenix offers you the possibility to track your order management and your invoice management data as well as the lead times of each phase.

A digital watch dial shining on the hand of a man meaning "time is money".

Save your time!

With Fenix, you get an intelligent and straightforward transportation management system that allows you to always keep track. Whether you want to know where your freight currently is or you want to find out your exact cost for a product, the information is just a few clicks away. 

A powerful blue cloud as a symbol for the TMS Web
Totally online

Providing a powerful Cloud!

You can access the TMS software from anywhere in the world. The supplier and the freight forwarder receive the order at the same time and can track production, authorize shipping and manage processes. Keep track of the entire process from order placement to final delivery, as well as the lead time of all stages at all times. All you need is an internet connection. Tracking air cargo was never so easy!

A plant is growing due to sustainability of Fenix TMS.
Environmentally friendly

Be Green with Rhenus!

Our TMS web tool Fenix helps you save printing costs and remain sustainable. Fenix can handle all your correspondences with customers as well as suppliers or even with the authorities. Document chaos is a thing of the past now with our TMS logistics solution.

Air, ocean, and road freight with a blue background
The best integration

We are providing the whole package!

As a 24/7 web-based solution, Fenix can be seamlessly integrated with your corporate ERP system, providing you with a single source of truth across your entire logistic chain. This gives you the ability to track your goods from production to delivery to the customer and create continuous improvements throughout the supply chain.

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