You can see the Rhenus warehouse in Tilburg.You can see the Rhenus warehouse in Tilburg.

On the move

Rhenus is using a digital solution called ‘Motion Mining’ to anonymously record employees’ movements at selected European sites via simple sensors and Bluetooth technology. The Motion Mining algorithm detects movement patterns and provides information about how processes could potentially be redesigned.

Warehouse management involves a large number of manual work processes. The Motion Mining method enables Rhenus to perform independent process analyses. Thanks to a Motion Mining Intelligence Platform (MMI), the process data for one or multiple sites can be automatically recorded, defined and evaluated, depending on what is needed.

Rhenus employees wear mobile sensors on their belts and wrists so that walking routes and bending movements can be tracked. Small Bluetooth transmitters, known as beacons, and a mobile device record the employee’s location and stores this on the MMI platform at the end of the shift. Data protection is an important concern here and the data is fully anonymised when it is collected and evaluated. Heat maps visualise the data and reveal where there is potential for improvement in terms of efficiency and ergonomics.

Rhenus has already been able to make ergonomic improvements to employees’ working methods, significantly increase productivity and thus also reduce costs in warehouse management at several sites using the Motion Mining method.