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Rhenus offsets its carbon dioxide emissions

Rhenus Air & Ocean France, together with the CMA CGM Group, a global player in maritime, land, air and logistics solutions, is committed in the long term to offsetting one hundred percent of carbon dioxide emissions related to the maritime transport of containers for import and export.

Within the Rhenus Group, all initiatives aimed at reducing or offsetting the carbon footprint of its entities and employees are strongly encouraged. To this end, the Rhenus Group aims to achieve carbon neutrality for all of its activities by 2045. At the end of 2021, the Air & Ocean division, which specialises in the forwarding of air and maritime transport, announced its commitment to completely neutralise carbon emissions from all of its LCL (less-than-container-load) maritime grouping services by 2030.

By choosing the POSITIVE OFFSET product from the ACT range with CMA CGM+, Rhenus Air & Ocean France becomes the first French freight forwarder to offset all CO2 emissions from the maritime transport of containers carried out with the CMA CGM Group. Under this plan, Rhenus Air & Ocean France undertakes to offset CO2 emissions by purchasing carbon credits certified by official bodies such as VCS or Gold Standard, issued by a trusted partner. These credits are then used to finance international projects, such as agroforestry, blue carbon projects, or the creation of wind farms.

"According to our initial estimates, we expect to offset about 600 tonnes of carbon dioxide by the end of 2022. The equivalent value will be invested in certified longterm sustainable development projects", says Christophe Barreau, CEO of Rhenus Air & Ocean France.

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