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Rhenus Office Systems expands its vehicle fleet with e-trucks

As part of its sustainability strategy, Rhenus Office Systems has expanded its vehicle fleet by seven e-trucks. From now on, the new e-trucks will be part of the sustainable file transportation solution, which the document management and office solutions provider will then properly dispose of. The deployment of the e-trucks is initially planned within Germany. The trucks have already arrived at the Rhenus Data Office sites and are now entering regular operation.

Sustainability on the road

The e-trucks were developed by the technology company Quantron based on the IVECO Daily platform. They are characterized by their approximate 200 to 220 km range and 2.5 metric ton payload. The trucks save up to 45 kg of CO₂ per 100 km compared to a combustion model of the same size and load class, depending on the load and route profile. According to the manufacturer, extrapolated to a year of use, this implies savings of approximately 22 metric tons. All vehicles can be supplied at both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) charging stations. In addition, the e-trucks feature the typical box body with an integrated loading board wall for Rhenus document trucks. It can be raised and lowered to unload heavy loads at ground level, simplifying the unloading process of the sometimes several hundreds of kilograms of heavy data barrels. With the help of these security containers, the paper to be destroyed is collected from customers and then transported to the destruction site by Rhenus.

Michael Wiegmann, managing director of Rhenus Data Office, expressed his satisfaction with the acquisition of the trucks: "Our goal is to gradually convert our vehicle fleet and thus contribute to reducing emissions during our tours."

Gradually, more carbon-neutral vehicles will be integrated into the Rhenus Office Systems vehicle fleet. Rhenus Archiv Services, also part of Rhenus Office Systems, already has ten electric delivery vehicles in operation.

The increased use of alternative propulsion technologies supports Rhenus Office Systems' ongoing goal of reducing CO₂ emissions. Employees are also taught to operate the vehicles using eco-friendly driving techniques to minimize the environmental impact.


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