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Basel’s largest photovoltaic system in the Rhine port

Rhenus Port Logistics is investing in a new trimodal transshipment terminal in Basel. In this way it is sending out an important signal for the sustainable promotion of infrastructure in the region as a way of making import/export freight traffic more efficient and more climate friendly. Terminal 4 is set to commence operations in late summer 2024.

Basel is well known as Switzerland's logistics hub. The transshipment platform in the border triangle links Switzerland via the neighboring regions of Germany and France with the biggest ports in Europe.

To ensure that Basel is equipped for the future, Rhenus Port Logistics is investing in a new transshipment terminal for rail, Rhine and road. The new building on Südquaistrasse, very close to the border triangle, will replace the Satram Hall (Terminal 8) and Terminal 7 on the Nordquai (northern docks). Upon completion of Terminal 4, Contargo will demolish the old terminals.

The new Terminal 4 comprises five sections and spans a total of 7,300 square meters. Over 7,000 cubic meters of concrete and steel weighing close to 1,500 tons were used for the building. Five cranes with up to 40 tons of lifting capacity and modern railroad track cars and trucks ensure efficient and convenient covered transshipment between rail, Rhine and road. One section of the terminal will be completely separated so that sensitive steel products can be safely stored.

The roof of Terminal 4 will be fitted with the largest photovoltaic system in Basel that will produce around 2.4 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This is enough to meet the annual electricity needs of Rhenus Port Logistics.  In the future, therefore, the transshipment of products such as aluminum, steel and excavated road material can be handled at Terminal 4 with solar energy and in a carbon-neutral manner.

“Terminal 4 is an investment for the future: with the new trimodal transshipment terminal, Rhenus Port Logistics is committed to the Kleinhüningen site at Basel’s Rhine port. The logistics provider is aiming to contribute to efficient and climate-friendly transshipment of a wide variety of goods and wants to ensure long-term cooperation with its customers,” says Lukas Curschellas, Managing Director of Rhenus Port Logistics.

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