Brexit and Rhenus

To ensure our customers are prepared for Brexit, we have prepared the following information. If you have any questions, please get in touch: [email protected]


The UK will leave the EU on 31.12.2020, having informed the EU that it does not intend to extend the transitional period. This means from 01.01.2021, all freight movements between the UK & the EU will be subject to customs procedures. We have taken extensive steps to minimise any impacts caused by Brexit. Our priority is to maintain a seamless service to our customers, irrespective of the challenges ahead.



Your Brexit Checklist

We recommend reading through our Brexit Checklist PDF - this document details 5 key steps businesses should take to prepare for Brexit. Our Brexit Checklist contains links to UK Government websites, customs forms and more. Complete our Checklist today to see if your business is ready for Brexit.

Rhenus UK Brexit checklist

The key points of our Checklist can also be found below:


Additionally, UK traders must speak with their clients and suppliers to obtain the following:

  • Their EU EORI Number.
  • Details of any appointed customs broker.
  • If no appointed broker, will they empower Rhenus as their Broker/Direct Representative?
  • Are they going to pay Duty/VAT or will they require a deferment facility?
  • Will they clear goods on-site or via our hub.
  • If clearance on-site, what is their customs office of destination.

    Incoterms 2020

    Post-Brexit, the importance of Incoterms will increase substantially; the Incoterms you agree with your supplier or customer will determine who will pay VAT & Duty when the goods clear customs.

    Therefore, we advise our customers to familiarise themselves with the underlying regulations and their implications. Please click on the image for the full version.

    Need more Information?

    Our dedicated teams across the UK are focused on preparing for Brexit together with our customers.

    If you would like to know more about Brexit and what Rhenus is doing to prepare our customers for it please get in touch: